About the Artwork & Artist

Is your art paintings or photographs?

Paintings! I love transforming boring, white painting panels into vibrant worlds through many, many layers of oil paint. My fruit series did start out as a photography project but soon switched to paint.

Why did you start your fruit series?

It all started with Halloween! I discussed this in depth during the Method: Art Talk at gallery43, which you can read about here.

What is a cradled painting panel?

A cradled painting panel is a painting surface like a typical art canvas – but it’s made entirely out of wood. “Cradled” simply means that a wooden panel has supports around the back perimeter, giving the object physical depth and preventing it from warping when the temperature and humidity fluctuates. Since it is wood instead of a textured canvas or linen, I can sand it down to a silky smooth finish. 

In this video I’m holding Blood Orange III, oil paint on cradled painting panel, 2017. 8″ by 8″, private collection.

What is your art show schedule?

It varies, so sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Facebook and Instagram to learn where I’m exhibiting my artwork next. Read about upcoming and past art shows, artist talks, and special projects on my Exhibitions and News page.

You can always view my paintings in person at gallery43 in Roswell, Georgia, and Colorida Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal.

When you say internationally collected and exhibited, do you mean it?

Yes! My paintings have been exhibited in Italy, Portugal, and the United States since 2006. My art collectors live around the world, from Los Angeles, California, to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates:

Angela Faustina Artwork collectors map through Jan 2018

Purchasing Artwork & Commissioned Paintings

How can I see what artwork is available for immediate purchase?

You can see my available paintings online in my art studio shop and on my gallery43 artist page.

Will you create a custom painting?

Absolutely! I love working with art collectors to create a painting that is specifically designed to fit their criteria, budget, and collection. Read more about the process on my Commission a Painting page.

My favorite painting sold. Can I purchase a glicee print? Will you replicate it for me?

I would love to make you a painting that reflects the concept, colors and subject matter in a similar way while still creating an original work of art. However, I pride myself on the originality of my artwork and so I will never create exact duplicates or glicee prints of my original paintings.

Professional Inquiries

Are you interested in gallery representation?

Yes! Please contact me introducing you and your gallery so we can start the conversation and make sure my paintings will be a good fit.

Do you work with art dealers, advisors, & interior designers?

Of course! Please contact me introducing you and your line of work so we can start the conversation and determine if I would be a good fit for your project or business.

I think your work would be perfect for a specific project. Are you interested?

Absolutely! I do want to make sure it will be a good fit first, though. Please contact me with a detailed proposal for the project, including the time frame, and I will get back to you within 5 business days.

Do you teach art lessons or mentor artists?

Yes – I love teaching and mentoring and am very proud of my students! I’ve been teaching since 2005 and have worked with non-profit organizations like Camp Barney Medintz and The Girl Scouts of Gulf Coast Florida in the past.

I work with both adults and children. I am available for private, in-home art lessons or mentorship around metro Atlanta as well as classes and workshops at art centers, camps, and schools. We can also schedule video chat sessions via Skype or FaceTime.

Please send me a message if you would like to discuss my services or know somewhere I would enjoy teaching!

Can I publish you/your artwork in my book, magazine, blog, website, newspaper?

I would love to be included but want to ensure it will be a good fit first. Please contact me with a detailed proposal for the project, including the time frame, and I will get back to you within 5 business days.

I am a fellow artist/designer/creator. Want to collaborate?

Hell yeah! Please contact me introducing you and your work so we can start the conversation.

Shipping Policies

How much will shipping my new painting cost?

Free Shipping is currently offered through my art studio to delivery addresses within the continental United States. Please email Angela@AngelaFaustina.com for international shipping rates and pricing information for large paintings not listed in my online shop.

All artwork is shipped via USPS First Class with USPS Tracking and Shipping Insurance. It will ship upon receipt of payment only.

Artwork is fragile. How do you prevent damage during shipping?

I carefully pack all artwork to ensure it arrives in beautiful condition.

Paintings on canvas or cradled painting panel are wrapped in an acid-free protective sleeve or acid-free tissue paper and plastic wrap. They are shipped surrounded by layers of protective bubble wrap, air pillows, and/or foam, with special attention to the corners and front of the painting. Please open your box carefully.

Artworks on paper or unstretched canvas are placed in an acid-free protective sleeve, mounted to a flat board via tape and corner protectors, and shipped in a rigged envelope or flat package. Please remove the tape holding the corner protectors to the flat board before removing the artwork to ensure the artwork remains in pristine condition.

How long will my new artwork take to get to me?

Orders are carefully packaged and shipped within 7 business days.

If I anticipate it will take longer because I am out of the studio, I place a notification banner on the top of my website and send out a public message on social media with my new expected shipping dates. I also send emails or messages directly to collectors who purchase during these times to ensure they know their artwork will be delivered on a later date.

Do you accept returns?

Returns are not accepted but I do want my art collectors to be happy with their purchase. Please contact me within 5 business days if you are unhappy with your new painting.

What if my painting arrives damaged or part of my order is missing?

I am responsible for getting your order to you quickly and carefully. If items are missing or damaged, please notify me immediately. I cannot be held responsible after 5 business days after delivery confirmation.


Still have questions? I am happy to answer them! Email me directly at Angela@AngelaFaustina.com or use the contact form below:

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