• RESIZED Angela Faustina, CITRUS MEDLEY III, limited edition fine art print.
  • Angela Faustina, CITRUS MEDLEY III, limited edition fine art print.

CITRUS MEDLEY III limited edition fine art print



This image is a medley of beautiful oranges, blood oranges, lemons, and limes. It is a fine art print in a limited edition of 25 on professional-grade gloss paper. It measures approximately 14″ long by 11″ wide. Each print is signed but not framed. Depending on your computer, colors may vary slightly from photographs.

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My sticky sweet oil paintings transform glistening fruit into its own vibrant world. Capturing juicy pulp at the peak of ripeness highlights the beauty and vibrancy of life. My paintings are intimate, surprising, enigmatic, and bold as hell. Read more about my artwork here.

Citrus fruit is associated with wealth and free will, as well as weddings, marriages and love, throughout art history. In ancient times, it was a symbol of status and wealth. In feng shui, citrus wards off bad luck.

In Medieval times, blood oranges were a symbol of status and power. Oranges symbolize good fortune, new beginnings, wealth, and happiness in Chinese and Japanese culture. They also embody resurrection and eternal life in European culture and art. Nothing going right in your life? In feng shui, it is often recommended to have 9 oranges in one’s living room or kitchen for good luck and prosperity.

Lemons are loaded with symbolism but often represent prosperity, longevity, healing, and fidelity in love. Limes symbolize health and wealth. Grapefruits symbolize fertility, abundance, prosperity, good health, and family unity in several Asian cultures.

By hanging this artwork, I hope it welcomes these positive attributes into your home.


Angela Faustina is an ultra-contemporary realism artist who lives and works in Atlanta, GA, USA. Due to her fresh take on the still life genre and the universal appeal of her subject matter, Faustina’s artwork has been internationally collected and exhibited for 14 years. In 2019 alone her vibrant oil paintings were shown in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, and the eastern USA. Her mouth-watering murals are on view in some of America’s most vibrant southeastern cities, including Atlanta and St. Petersburg, FL. She has also worked with brands including Atlanta United, Heineken, and PeachDish.

Faustina is represented by Signet Contemporary Art in London, England, UK and gallery43 at The Loft in Marietta, Georgia, USA.

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