Art Collectors to Date, 2015

Angela Faustina's artwork sales around the world through 2015


Happy new year! Planning for 2016 involves a lot of reflecting on past years. Here’s a map of where my art collectors call home. I hope to add some more pins this year!

Quick facts about my collectors:

  • Farthest my artwork has been shipped in the world: Dubai, UAE.
  • Farthest my artwork has been shipped in the USA: Los Angeles, CA.
  • State with most collectors: Florida.
  • Cities with the most collectors: Brooklyn, NY, followed by Sarasota and St Petersburg, FL.
  • Year with the most sales: 2015!

Angela Faustina's most liked Instagram images of 2015

Looking back, 2015 was pretty productive! These photos were my most liked on Instagram this year. Thank you for all the support!